Okay, so don’t tell my future employers but I am chronically late. Not usually more than 15 minutes but it is an act of sheer concentration and focus for me to arrive somewhere on time.

However, it is not my fault. I suffer from a not so rare but very hard to recognize condition called “one-more-thingitis”. I swear; I will be up two hours before I have to walk out the door and still be late because of my “one-more-thingitis”.

I shower, get dressed, put on my face, make my bed, clean the kitchen and THEN remember my route will pass the post office where I was going to ship the package that has been sitting by my front door for a month; or pass the store I have been meaning to return a couple of items; or pass my friends house where I was planning to return some item I borrowed 6 months ago and I simply can’t let the opportunity to complete these tasks slide.

Of course, I am never sure where the packing tape is. And, I certainly have to dig through the pile of receipts to find the exact one that actually has the purchase on it. What the hell did I do with Patti’s meat thermometer?

By the time I realize I don’t have a chance of getting any of these things accomplished – oh wait I found the receipt – you guessed it; I am late once again!

Maybe I can make up some time in the commute!?! Right…..

Damn that “one-more-thingitis”!


About The Momarchy

As a single mom, I was desperate to restore some semblance of order to my life and enjoy raising my children. My children are adults now and I believe I achieved my goal. This blog post is to share what worked, what didn't and what I learned from the other wise women in my life. Take what you need or share what you learned. Married or single, it does take a village to raise a child. Ladies...this is our village.
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6 Responses to “One-More-Thingitis”

  1. Angela says:

    LOL I seem to have this same problem lately! Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  2. Rose says:

    I found your link on MBC in the Twitter Follower Group. I’m now following you and twitter. Great blog and hope you will keep in touch!


  3. Truth Mama says:

    Found you on the Saturday blog hop. I’m chronically late also, and for the exact same reason. Even if ,on the off chance, I do give myself enough time I tell myself ridiculous things like, “Oh, I probably have time to knit this sweater” and other nonsense like that. Following you!

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